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Kukaya means Home.

An African proverb says,“Children are raised by villages”, we understand this to mean that raising children, mentoring and equipping responsible and successful adults is something the whole community has to take part in. As Kukaya Foundation, we thus set out to develop programs that offer holistic development of an individual’s total  livelihood and the part they play in society to keep the village (world) alive and well.

Kukaya Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire people to dream, believe, design, create, and own their lives (stories) in a way that impacts the world positively.

Our vision is to proffer a holistic approach through programming, events, and support to empower children, youth, and the elderly in our communities to soar. Bringing together wisdom, knowledge, belief, faith, and hope we believe communities will begin to look forward to better health, the flow of wealth, and peaceful existence.